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Voice and Accent with Pronunciation Course

A person’s accent stems from where they come from and the predominant accent found in that location.
It is also dependent on their social and educational background.

For example, someone from the U.K. will naturally speak English, but they may have a Scottish, Welsh, Irish or other regional accent which has an impact on the language they speak. This is Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) and it’s found in every language.
If someone has a strong or noticeable MTI it may need neutralising so the language they use is standardised and therefore easier to understand by the majority of speakers.

Accent neutralisation is one of the main reasons people take Voice and Accent with Pronunciation classes.

English as a lingua franca

It’s an interesting, if somewhat curious fact that, nowadays, the majority of speakers of English are non-native speakers, those who speak English as a second or third language.
This of course is mainly because of large populations in countries like India and China speaking English.

Consequently it’s important that the English we speak as non-native users is clear and effective, in most cases this means not influenced excessively by one’s Mother Tongue and therefore easily understood by native and non-native English speakers

So, when is someone’s accent an issue?

These days English is taught increasingly as an international language. To use English as an international language, the only real issues are those that affect intelligibility. The important thing is to be able to communicate with others, be they native or non-native speakers.

Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India Voice and Accent with Pronunciation covers:

Your Spoken English will be clear, accurate and easily understood by Native English speakers regardless of their country of origin.

You will be able to understand Native English speakers regardless of their accent.

Phonetics will enable you to pronounce all words accurately.

Intonation, Word and Sentence stress will enhance the natural qualities of your Spoken English.

Why go with CEA?

Cambridge English Academy (CEA) Pvt.Ltd. the BEST Voice and Accent with Pronunciation Course in East Delhi.

We have knowledgeable and highly skilled trainers working with you, so you’ll receive Professional Training with hands-on teaching experience.

Our qualified training team additionally have at least 5 years experience in the corporate world as voice coaches, administrators and voice therapists.

Native English speaking Voice, Accent and pronunciation coaches.

Your training at Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India will cover essential theory and practical skills like participating in interactive sessions, writing assignments, discussion groups, and numerous other classroom activities.

In addition to providing the best tutoring, Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India also provides career guidance and support in helping you find your dream job.

You will receive one to one training focusing on your individual needs and areas of study in our small batches.

We offer most of our courses online and offline, at times that work for you, so you can finish them whenever and wherever you want without disrupting your work or study schedule.

For details on Fees, Course Duration and Class Timings contact our office.

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