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Campus as an International Student

The EU has strict rules for students from overseas who want to do a job along with their studies.
Full time international students with valid F-1 status can generally work for up to 20 hours per week during term time, and up to 40 hours per week in standard vacations.

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The largest city in Ireland, offers study abroad students an all round experience including American…


Calgary is young in relation to other Ireland cities, and has a definite western cultural and educational feel to it.


One of the only bilingual cities in Ireland, Montreal offers study programmes in French as well as English.


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Ireland Overview.

Located close to the West coast of The United Kingdom Ireland is a nation with a great deal of character and joy for life.

It is famous for its history, culture, nightlife, and for offering some of the most inovative and well respected Education systems in The World.

Ireland offers a reasonable cost of living along with an excellent education system making it an ideal destination for international students in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Why choose Studying in Ireland.

The country is gaining popularity among students from many countries these days and it’s easy to see why.

Top Advantages of Studying in Ireland.

Excellent Education System.

Ireland has a renowned education system, and its Universities rank among the best in the world, holding a consistent place in the top 10 for education for many years.
(IMD World Competitiveness Ranking).

Degrees obtained from Ireland are globally recognised.

Irish Universities are known for providing some of the best research opportunities and International students can be assured that they will get the opportunity to reap the rewards of high education standards and research opportunities that will help boost their careers.

Course Availability and Ease of Study.

Ireland’s universities offer over 5,000 programs to choose from.
Students can pick from a vast range of fields, including medicine, engineering, business, science, technology, literature, history, philosophy, psychology and many others.

No language barrier.

Ireland is an English-speaking country, and the courses are also offered in English. This makes Ireland a convenient study abroad destination for international students.

Great Career Opportunities.

If you are an international student, an employability rate of over 80 per cent is a great attraction. Irish institutions offer many career opportunities and employment options as part of their courses, including work placements, internships and work experience programmes.

Ireland is home to many leading global MNCs, such as eBay, Skype, Microsoft, Google, Slack, etc.

Post-Study Work Visa Opportunities

The Irish government offers one-year stay-back visas for bachelors graduates and up to 2-year stay-back visas for masters graduates.

This gives international students a chance to apply for permanent residency.

Perfect Travel Location

You’ll not only get the chance to explore everything that Ireland has to offer, but you also get a chance to explore other European Countries.

The UK is very close to Ireland, and you can travel to the UK easily in a few hours. The rest of Europe is also very well connected, and you can easily make travel plans from Ireland.

Amazing work related Benefits.

In Ireland, you can get a Personal Public Service number (PPS.) And a foreign employee with PPS can access the following benefits:

The top 5 universities to study in Ireland.

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