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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Course

Becoming a TEFL Teacher, unlike many other jobs, gives offers the chance to live and work anywhere in the world, TEFL teachers are in great demand internationally and at home.

Again, unlike some jobs there’s no restriction on your age for becoming a TEFL trainer.
Naturally your qualifications count, but life experience matters a lot with TEFL, the saying “Old is Gold” has never been more apt than with this career.

So you could be 18 and just leaving school or finishing University, find yourself unemployed, having a career break or a complete change of career, you could even have retired.
TEFL can open up a world of opportunities, for people of all ages.

Becoming a TEFL Teacher means you’re involved in lifelong learning, giving yourself more skills to adapt to an ever changing world.

All levels of Teaching provide great job satisfaction, it’s a vocation above and beyond simply a job.
As a TEFL Teacher you will be enabling people to acquire the skills in English which will help them by providing the benefits English can offer in terms of career growth, personal development and a better standard of living.

In summary, TEFL is an excellent career choice and it provides numerous benefits for teachers and learners alike.

What do you learn on CEA’s TEFL course?

Our TEFL course covers topics including teaching language skills, grammar, lesson planning and classroom management

Why go with CEA?

Cambridge English Academy (CEA) Pvt.Ltd. the BEST TEFL Course in East Delhi.

We have knowledgeable and highly skilled trainers working with you, so you’ll receive Professional Training with hands-on teaching experience.

Your training at Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India will cover essential theory and practical skills like participating in interactive sessions, writing assignments, discussion groups, and numerous other classroom activities.

Our qualified training team additionally have at least 5 years experience in the education field as teachers, administrators and student mentors.

In addition to providing the best tutoring, CEA also provides career guidance and support in helping you find your dream job as a TEFL Trainer.

You will be given the opportunity to teach some classes at our institute, we also offer internships and work placements.

Personal Attention

You will receive one to one training focusing on your individual needs and areas of study in our small batches.


We offer most of our courses online and offline, at times that work for you, so you can finish them whenever and wherever you want without disrupting your work or study schedule.

For details on Fees, Course Duration and Class Timings contact our office.

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