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Teacher Training Course

Why Train to be a Teacher?

Inspire the next generation.
By becoming a teacher you’ll get high level job satisfaction.
Teachers have arguably the biggest influence on a child’s life, and are respected as proxy parents.
The successful results you’ll see from pupils are guaranteed to fill you with pride.

Much like other caring professions, teaching is more than just a job. It’s a career and a vocation where the betterment of others is the main aim.

There are few of us who can turn their passion into a job. Teachers get to do this every day.
The opportunity to instil enthusiasm in their pupils and motivate them to reach their goals is what drives teachers’ passion for their work.

If you want a career with defined stepping stones to progress teaching provides great opportunities.
From teacher or trainer to head of department and headteacher, there is no limit to the level you can achieve.

A career in teaching provides generous and reliable financial packages.

Most Schools and colleges are closed for extended holiday periods, so teachers benefit from being able to book and plan their vacations without fear of disappointment.

What you’ll learn on Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India Teacher Training Course.

Our Teacher training course delivers strategies that enhance the teaching abilities of an established educator or someone completely new to teaching

Every teacher needs to assess their own skills to find a teaching strategy that suits them, and CEA’s training actively promotes individuality alongside standard teaching expertise.

Teacher learning and training includes teaching skills, Educational knowledge, overall classroom proficiency and classroom management.

Furthermore, the course deals with planning and implementing the coursework assigned to students which usually covers content, methods and psychology.

Both practical and theoretical learning methodologies are integral parts of our training.

You will be given the opportunity to teach some classes at our institute, we also offer internships and work placements.

Additionally we offer teachers new methods to keep their classes and curriculum interesting, exciting and up to date, with access to new styles of teaching.

You’ll become fully equipped with the skills required to be a successful teacher by joining CEA’s teacher training programme.

Course Outcomes

You will also be able to inculcate topics and subjects effectively and make full use of the training you have received

Cambridge English Academy (CEA) Pvt.Ltd. the BEST Teacher Training Course in East Delhi.

We have knowledgeable and highly skilled trainers working with you, so you’ll receive Professional Training with hands-on teaching experience.

Your training at Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India will cover essential theory and practical skills like participating in interactive sessions, writing assignments, discussion groups, and numerous other classroom activities.

Our qualified training team additionally have at least 5 years experience in Education as teachers and trainers.

In addition to providing the best tutoring, CEA also provides career guidance and support in helping you find your dream job.

You will receive one to one training focusing on your individual needs and areas of study in our small batches.

We offer most of our courses online and offline, at times that work for you, so you can finish them whenever and wherever you want without disrupting your work or study schedule.

For details on Fees, Course Duration and Class Timings contact our office.

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