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Personality Development Course

Personality development helps you gain recognition and acceptance in society as well as with people close to you.
It also plays a vital role in both your professional and personal lives.
Furthermore, Personal Growth can help make you more disciplined, punctual and an asset to employers.

What are the benefits of Personality Development?

(Your Persona is, in simple terms, the impression others have of you based on your appearance, manners, style of speaking etc.)

What you’ll learn on Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India Personality Development Course.

On our Personal Growth Course you’ll learn about External development which includes, appearance, grooming etc.

Additionally Internal Development that includes, thinking, behaviour, feeling etc.

The word ‘Development’ means a process which leads to a desired and suitable outcome, so here at CEA personality development means a process where you can learn how to groom and improve your Personality by augmenting it both internally and eternally.

You will learn to Self analyse and identify the positive and negative aspects of your persona.
Then capitalise on your strengths and remove your weaknesses.

There are additional training modules such as

You will be more confident in a variety or different situations and have successful Stress management and time management techniques.

You’ll be able to deal with Conflict and anger through management strategies.

Both professionally and socially you will be more attractive, approachable and assertive.

Through your course you will have become aware of your strengths and how to promote them, also your weaknesses and how to eliminate them.

You will present yourself in a positive way to others.

Cambridge English Academy (CEA) Pvt.Ltd. the BEST Personality Development Course in East Delhi.

We have knowledgeable and highly skilled trainers working with you, so you’ll receive Professional Training with hands-on teaching experience.

Your training at CEA will cover essential theory and practical skills like participating in interactive sessions, writing assignments, discussion groups, and numerous other classroom activities.

Our qualified training team additionally have at least 5 years experience in the personal development world as life coaches and employers.

In addition to providing the best tutoring, CEA also provides career guidance and support in helping you find your dream job.

You will receive one to one training focusing on your individual needs and areas of study in our small batches.

We offer most of our courses online and offline, at times that work for you, so you can finish them whenever and wherever you want without disrupting your work or study schedule.

For details on Fees, Course Duration and Class Timings contact our office.

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