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Canada is the most popular country for Indian students wishing to study overseas, but choosing where in Canada is not an easy task.

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The largest city in Canada, Toronto offers study abroad students an all round experience including Canadian…


Calgary is young in relation to other Canadian cities, and has a definite western cultural and educational feel to it.


One of the only bilingual cities in Canada, Montreal offers study programmes in French as well as English.


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Canada Overview

Canada is the most popular country for Indian students wishing to study overseas, but choosing where in Canada is not an easy task.
The location you choose will play a major role in creating the experience you have abroad.
There are a number of large cities and student focused towns that offer a great student life experience.

Canada is world famous for its fantastic education system, stunning natural beauty, friendly welcoming environment and exciting culture.

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Working In Canada While Studying

If you are a full time student at a designated learning institution and hold a valid student visa you can work off campus as an international student.

Part time work of 20 hours per week off campus or 40 hours full time during designated holidays is permitted.

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Here at CEA we will tell you about your options for studying and living in a range of countries and assist with your visa and institution applications.
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Cambridge English Academy (CEA) India offers the best study abroad service in East Delhi.

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